We talk about broadcasting when one message is transmitted to multiple receptors. The transmission can either be a recorded message or a live event. Once the message is recorded you can play it whenever necessary; it could be a simple announcement, a safety message or a welcome greeting. And why not have the call menu options of your company in Portuguese? If you are a company that makes telephone menus and you are looking into building a menu in Portuguese, you have found us! On the other hand, if you are looking into having your company’s call menu in Portuguese, we can recommend a few companies that have worked with us.

In a live event, there is a lead speaker followed by other speakers of other languages - called broadcast interpreters- each one in turn.

The two essential constraints in broadcast interpreting are the short preparation time and the undefined audience. More often than not, prepared texts are not available and preparation time is extremely limited. Broadcast interpreters need to be flexible and to be equipped with not only linguistic ability but also with a broad knowledge of current affairs. They also need to be skilled at conveying the transmission using their voice as a tool. To convey the message accurately and intelligibly, broadcast interpreters need to constantly update not only their linguistic ability but also their background knowledge and announcer-grade speaking skills.


Portuguese Language Services has made the Portuguese broadcast for a ship during its ownership transition - the HMS Ocean on the transition to PHM Atlântico. Murcia City Tour, a French tourist coach company, has their coach safety message and welcome greeting recorded broadcast made with us. It is your turn!


We offer live and recorded broadcasting services that you can rely on We will never compromise quality over price so you can either call us on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email us on [email protected].

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