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​Conference interpreters usually work from one or more languages into their mother tongue. The work of a conference interpreter is an oral and intellectual exercise, thinking as they speak. Therefore, conference interpreters usually work in a team equally qualified, screened and capable to deliver to your expectations.

​The interpreting style used in conferences is called simultaneous interpretation, in which the interpreter is sitting in a sound-proof booth in sight of the source-language speaker, the interpreter is linked to the listeners via headsets, through which the interpretation is channelled as the speaker is talking. This style is mostly used in conferences, lectures, seminars, conventions and courses but you may find other appropriate situations.

​Although it is thought so, there are not specialisms in interpretation, meaning, there are not interpreters specialised in a particular field. A specialism may be perceived when an interpreter has a higher number of hours in a particular field. Likewise, an interpreter may decline an assignment for not feeling comfortable enough with the field. Thus, interpreters need time for preparing. When organizing your event, remember to provide the interpreters with copies of the documents that will be read, passed out, power-points, speeches and any other reading material the will support the interpreter's preparation.

​If you are using conference interpreters, make sure you have all the logistic requirements such as interpreting booths in good working condition, audio and visual equipment and required interpreting infrastructure (please, always ask about these).


​Interpreters at Portuguese Language Services have made a commitment to quality and professionalism. We are highly qualified in more than one country, with recognized qualifications by the competent authorities and are bound by a code of professional ethics and are strictly bond to impartiality and confidentiality. We also have clearance in the whole world.


​Conference interpreters require notice, in particular if you have not used this service before.

​Booking conference interpreters is simple and personalised, you can either call on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email us on [email protected].

​We will not compromise quality over price so you do not have to fear our prices!

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