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​The main feature of face to face interpreting is that the Interpreter is physically present and does not require equipment. Face to face interpreting is more appropriate in situations that require a more human approach and visual contact, such as complex and sensitive cases.

​Interpreters, who are native speakers, enhance the effectiveness and quality of the interpreting assignment focusing not only the spoken word but also on cultural, social inferences and stylistic linguistic customs, they can detect subtle tone changes, inflections and other visual cues.

​There are three main forms of Face to Face Interpretation - simultaneous, consecutive, and Chuchotage (whispered). The advantages of using one or the other will relate with your needs. In any of the cases, you should address your client directly and not the interpreter.

​With consecutive interpreting, the speaker will transmit a complete sentence or idea; the listener will wait for the interpretation. Thus, speech is divided into manageable sections interpreted at a time.

​Simultaneous interpretation is highly technical, it happens in real time and is very demanding. Therefore the interpreter must be very experienced and knowledgeable on the subject under discussion. It is most suitable for conferences, lectures, seminars, conventions and courses. The interpreter is sitting in a sound-proof booth in sight of the source-language speaker, the interpreter is linked to the listeners via headsets, through which the interpretation is channelled as the speaker is talking. To know more about this, service please read “Conference Interpretation” or contact us now.

​Whispered interpretation can be regarded as a compromise between Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation, in the sense that shares the advantages of both styles but has also disadvantages. One side it happens simultaneously without the need for equipment, on the other side demands a very quiet environment and extreme concentration from the receiver to focus only on the interpreter's voice. Chuchotage is most suited for private meetings, requiring real-time, continuous translation between a pair or small group of speakers where most of the communication is unilateral.

​It is ideal to use a face to face interpreter in most cases however, it does require some notice. Sometimes a few hours are enough, other times a few days.


​If you are based in the South West of the UK or in South Africa, your services will have likely used our interpreters because our Interpreters are experienced, qualified, have clearance in every country in the world and have never received a reference lower than good!


​Face to Face interpreters require some notice, in particular if you are far from where we are based. Usually, 24 hours should be enough.

​Booking conference interpreters is simple and personalised, you can either call on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email us on [email protected].

​We will not compromise quality over price so you do not have to fear our prices!

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