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​The translation of specialized books or manuals can be quite technical and requires background knowledge. These translations are usually lengthy and may be necessary a few sessions for clarification or confirmation of terms and meaning.

​We will always accept to translate your book; either it’s a published master piece or a private relic! But be aware that makes a huge difference in price, the main reason is related to copyrights law.

​Professional advice: If your book has not yet been published, or is a self-publishing book, it is a good idea to wait until proven successful before you have it translated.

​If your book is already a published one, you should know is that the translation should be paid by your publisher/editor and not you!

​You should also be aware that:

  • Any translation is likely to alter the word count. The quote we offered is based on the best estimate available which is your book, however, you will be charged for the rendered word count.
  • Translating your book will not take the same amount of time it took you to write it but it will take a lot longer than you think. If you do not understand the reason for this, think of how long it would take you to re-write your own book.
  • You will be advised of any content that is considered culturally inappropriate, offensive or that will likely be misunderstood by the audience. It will still be your decision and responsibility if you want to proceed with the translation or you want an equivalent.
  • It is not possible to offer a quote without seeing the document to be translated.

​To keep the best possible standards we make sure that:

  • Every document sent to us is bound by confidentiality,
  • Nothing is kept on file after concluded,
  • Every translation is proofread by more than one translator


At Portuguese Language Services we do not relinquish copyright to the book translation in any circumstance because we are proud of our work and so will you!


Whichever your need is, it will be catered from the beginning to the end. We offer a no obligation quote and we will not compromise quality over price so you do not have to fear our prices, you can either call on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email us on [email protected].

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