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​Possibly, the first thing on your mind when we talk about leaflet translation and information sheets is that we are talking about the health sector. In reality, this has been the major area for which we have translated leaflets, brochures, information sheets and alike. It is rigorous and needs multiple verifications as well as it is subject to frequent information update. However, the health sector is not the only sector that benefits from having leaflet information translated. If you work in a place that concentrates more than a couple of Portuguese speakers, you may want to have a “welcome package” written Portuguese that includes leaflets that explain safety procedures, signposting, hazards awareness, rules, instructions, manual handling, assessments, etc.

Professional translation of such material can save you and your company a lot of money and headaches. Great miss understandings happen sometimes over one word or when we are “trying our best” to help. Why risk it when you have means to avoid it?

Another area where leaflets make a lot of sense is the marketing business. Strangely, this is more challenging than other leaflet translations because it demands creativity and a great deal of localization, especially if it involves humour! However is enjoyable and whenever this kind of work comes in, is as if it waters the love we have for what we do!

Translating leaflets, manuals and brochures is simple, we can have it done fast and it is a great way of trying our service.

The only request we make is if you can, use a universal computer program and if you cannot, please provide a digital copy of your leaflet where editing is possible.


Portuguese Language services have participated in multiple health campaigns in Africa and have translated and culturally adapted DPD transports adverts for more than one country. When reaching out to a different country or culture, translation needs to be consistent yet sensible - this is often called localization.


We are experienced translation experts and offer multiple format options second to none. No project is too large or too small!

We offer on-time and on-budget translation services that you can rely on and we will not compromise quality over price so you can either call on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email us on [email protected].

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