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Portuguese Language Services created the Messaging Service at the request of many clients, both English and Portuguese. It is pretty much in a trial period but has been showing helpful and effective.

This service has three strands:

  1. Have your answer machine message and telephone options of your services in Portuguese - It is very welcoming and certainly keeps you in contact with your clients. This is well illustrated in the picture.
  2. You can send a text message so there are no doubts of your arrangements. It can be a short message or a long message, it is a human translation and so it will definitely be clear and understood. It can be a message to England or to another country. Preferably the message should be sent by SMS. However, some countries do not have the same convenience and sending a message using other systems such as whatsap® or messenger® is more reliable. Considering this, Portuguese Language Services has made this service available as well, on request.
  3. You may also record a message to be sent as an audio file for those clients who have difficulties reading, are blind or if what you want to say is long, complex or more personal. The file can be sent by SMS or whatsap® or messenger®.

This service demands registration. It is a little preparation to make the service more convenient to use latter. The service also requires that you ask your clients for consent to have their personal detail (name and contact number) shared with our service. The register will ask if you want to add more than one client contact and more than one person of the same service, this way it is created a data base, highly protected and strictly confidential. Thus, when you want to send a message to “Maria”, all you have to do is either email us, text or call saying: “Message for Maria: The train will arrive at 2pm, someone will be there waiting for you, Beth”. After, you will get a confirmation by the same means acknowledging your request and once the message is sent, you will receive a confirmation.


At Portuguese Language Services, we try to keep the communication with our customers open, we always welcome suggestions and we try out best to follow through on them, this service is one example.


This service is very accessible and is tailored to be used to facilitate the contact between people and public services but we will not compromise quality over price so call us on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email on [email protected].

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