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Including captions in your videos and other multimedia content such as PowerPoint presentations and podcasts is especially important, primarily for accessibility issues and because captions are critical to ensure that the content of your video will be properly indexed by the search engines. Subtitles allow your video to be recognized by the search engines, thus making it possible to do search engine optimization (SEO) through the use of defined keywords.

Sites like YouTube and Vimeo have become an important and valuable vehicle of communication and marketing for companies, organizations and individuals. Corporate TV and Digital signage (digital information panels) are privileged means of communication and dissemination of brands and products. In these particular multimedia, captions are essential in that they are a necessary reinforcement of the audio message when, for example, the video is being displayed in an information panel and much of the audio is lost with the surrounding noise.

Portuguese Language Services can optimize your video by adding subtitles as an “add on” or replacing the audio. Our native translators can also translate subtitles allowing you to access new markets.

Subtitling is also an audio-visual translation with its own specifications, rules and criteria. It has restrictions of time and space and at the same time, needs to support the image and the sound.

Subtitling is a technical translation as it needs to take into account a conjunction of factors such as the average speed of reading. Based on the average reading speed, to be able to read a complete subtitle of 2 lines and 70 characters, we will need at least 4 seconds, which will house, in most languages but not all, approximately 12 words.

It is estimated that the current average reading speed is 3 words a second, although in reality is more related to the number of characters rather than the number of words – 16 characters per second. However, if people speak to fast, the subtitles need to run faster, if they need to run faster, they will need fewer words!

Most of the time we simply translate a film or a video from a script and the client arranges it into subtitles, other times we use software to type the subtitle directly where it needs to go – each case is different, present yours at no cost.


At Portuguese Language services we enjoy doing subtitles. Is one of those tasks that bring us together as a team and we learn from each other! Love for what we do is what distinguishes us from others, if you want to see the difference that makes, call us now!

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