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​We can type your material from a different medium (a video or an audio recording) into the recorded language and, if you want, then translate it. For example, you may want a transcript of a recorded speech or a dialogue from an interview. You send us the file for assessment, we’ll give you a quote and as soon as you accepted we will start transcribing it in the format you require. Later, with the transcript in hands, you may want to have it translated.

​Transcribing is time-consuming, requires good equipment and a lot of patience. At Portuguese Language Services, we have all that and you will have your transcript in record time. However, please remember that it is not possible to type or translate what is not possible to hear, and you may be found with a lot of blank spaces if the quality of sound is not good enough, which will compromise the message content. We advise our clients to use clean copies or good reproductions of the originals.

​To clear, if your audio plays one hour, it will not take the transcriber one hour to type it, unfortunately! Not even with the most advanced software we have and even less so if it is totally human transcribed. Thus, 1 minute of audio usually takes about 5 minutes to be transcribed. This means that an hour of audio takes 5 hours of work, if the audio is clear and voices do not overlap. Yes, it can become expensive.


​No matter how good transcription technology is, it will never be error-proof, so after we run the program, we meticulously check the draft transcription against the audio. Depending on the quality of your audio, this can cut your costs by almost half!

​With a transcribed and translated document, you may want to have it as subtitles in a video… you see? No job is too big or too small at Portuguese Language services! We have done it and we will do it again, every time better, experience does that!


​There are no difficult tasks for us. All you have to do is contact us and tell was what you need, is that simple, try it!

​Contact us now on +44 1392 969461, complete the box below or email us on [email protected].

​We will not compromise on quality over price so you do not have to fear our prices!

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